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Quality and safety

According to many reports defining the effectiveness of Polish companies, Inkaso WEC has for many years been among the best rated by clients. We monitor the opinion of our clients during and after contract execution on a continuous basis. We care about our image; we know that it is influenced by a very large number of smaller and larger factors. This is why we carry out our company’s mission, placing great emphasis on careful and thorough work in areas considered by our clients to be the most important for them. It is about limiting formalities and the amount of time spent, the legibility of the documents signed, and the effectiveness of action, among other things. Another value for our clients is fast communication aimed at quickly identifying the problem and selecting the technique and tools to solve it. We do not want to give our clients merely an efficiently performed service. We want to give and we give a well-executed service with a palette of core values.


We use high-end security systems so that only the staff handling the case have access to any data relating to it. As a preventative measure, backups are made for all activities.

In order to ensure the highest security of data entrusted by you and activities performed in your interest, Kancelaria Prawna Inkaso WEC S.A. has:

  • Own independent servers
  • Firewalls and professional anti-virus software
  • Secure access to ICT resources
  • Advanced alarm system with video surveillance
  • Controlled and individualised access to data
  • Tools for secure document disposal


  • Compliance of the delivered services with the requirements of the recipient, confirmed by test results and recommendations
  • Membership of the Association of Financial Enterprises and the Polish Association of Debt Management, i.e. institutions whose aim is, among others, to shape and disseminate principles of ethics in business activity
  • Continuous training of company employees who are aware of their role and responsibility in shaping the quality of services
  • Ensuring that the company’s budget has the resources necessary to implement the adopted Quality Policy


All our services are provided on transparent terms and conditions that are flexible for the client. This means that our specialists strive to optimally select the right contract for the client’s profile, and to provide reliable information about the cooperation, its duration and the amount of remuneration.



Using above all our vast experience, we strive together with the client to break down the barrier of their fear of using debt collection services. This is because debt collection, carried out in compliance with broad professional ethics, always tries to reach a compromise, understand the reason for the debtor’s insolvency and, above all, propose a settlement in order to maintain good relations between the contracting parties. The importance of ethics in our business is demonstrated by the fact that our company meets the.