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Compensation For many years, we have been continuously engaged in pursuing due compensation benefits. We make every effort to obtain for you the highest possible compensation for the consequences of accidents and damages suffered. We verify each case individually – also in terms of the statute of limitations, so that we can reliably assess the possibility of obtaining money.

When can you contact us?

In the event of a traffic accident
(damage to health, car damage)
In the event of a random accident
(e.g. tripping on the street, flooding due to a flood / caused by a neighbor, etc.)
In the event of an accident at work
(lack of adequate protection, admission to work without appropriate training)
In the event of an agricultural accident
In case of a medical error


As a general rule, you can claim insurance damages within 3 years of becoming aware of the damage. If you had an accident 8 years ago and only now the health effects have come to light, you can still claim compensation and damages.


  • our team of solicitors and attorneys has vast experience in dealing with any types of cases
  • we do not charge initial fees/advances – our remuneration is the commission after successful acquisition of compensation
  • we verify the amount of compensation already paid and conduct proceedings until the result is fully satisfactory – you will obtain the highest possible compensation
  • we examine and analyse each application free of charge – we handle many cases that other compensation recover firms do not undertake

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Contact Us!

If you wish to obtain the compensation you are entitled to and you are sure that it will be the highest possible amount - we invite you to contact us. To begin with, we will analyse your case free of charge and then handle your case with the utmost care.