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Our priority is to recover the money amicably. We carry out intensive and determined debt collection activities in such a way as to resolve the case as quickly as possible. As a partner of BIG Infomonitor, we enter the claim in the Economic Information Bureau, which lowers the debtor’s creditworthiness.

We use various forms of contact and legal and economic sanctions in the debt collection process. All this is done in order to reach the debtor and exert pressure to motivate repayment.

Contact with the debtor on the day of acceptance of the order

No fixed fees – you only pay a success fee on amounts recovered

We recover commission costs free of charge from the debtor

If the debtor is unwilling to make a settlement or if, by means of business intelligence, we establish that the company is at risk of insolvency, we secure the claim in court.

Until a judgment is obtained, we continue our debt collection activities and take intensive measures to secure the assets. When a case goes to enforcement, we work closely with the bailiffs to ensure that it is concluded as quickly as possible.

Representation in court proceedings
Actions to determine the debtor’s assets
Application for Security of Assets
Selection of a judicial officer for enforcement actions


We purchase domestic, unexpired B2B invoiced receivables. Any claim that is valued by us individually must also be undisputed and cannot be the subject of any court enforcement proceedings.

For the valuation of debt purchases we need:

  • Debtor details,
  • Amount and due date of the claim,
  • Information on documents held,
  • Information on actions taken so far.


Counterparty verification

Counterparty verification is a service designed to prevent the risk of non-payment. We verify the company from a legal point of view, check it in Economic Information Offices, online debt exchanges and credit bureaus. In this way, we protect clients from doing business with unreliable entrepreneurs.

Monitoring of payments

Monitoring means, above all, ongoing control over the timely payment of debts by contractors. It is intended to ensure that the deadline for paying the invoice is not exceeded. Monitoring is used not only by large companies but also by sole traders. The cost of the service is low and the security of timely payment – extremely important.

Precautionary seal

A precautionary seal is a message placed on an invoice that informs the counterparty that in the event of non-payment on the due date, a professional debt collection agency will handle the recovery. The use of the seal has a motivating effect and has a significant impact on reducing the number of overdue invoices.