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CSR activities

CSR Activities

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is a concept with which we are very familiar.

We support a large number of activities and social projects financially, substantively, and in a few cases even physically. Every time we see the smiling faces of the people we support, every time we observe the development of the organisational units, we realise how important sincere, selfless help is. Particularly beautiful emotions arise when aid reaches the youngest children and adolescents. We know and we see then that by doing a good job, we can share with those most in need, we have an active part to play in building a space for the development of society. It gives an extremely inspiring accumulation of a lot of fulfilment, an immensity of joy and satisfaction and a lavish amount of drive to do even better.

Our projects

Widzew Football Academy

WEC Group has been a partner of the Łódź team Widzew Łódź for many years. The president of the group is member of RTS Widzew Łódź association. We are the official sponsor of the Widzew Football Academy.

MUKS Widzew Łódź

We are pleased to sponsor the female basketball players of MUKS Widzew Łódź. We appreciate their passion, commitment and a goal we can relate to – achieving victory

Municipal Zoological Garden in Łódź

Since 2011 we have been cooperating with the Municipal Zoological Garden in Łódź. We are currently looking after Judith the giraffe. We invite you to visit the Łódź Zoo and our charge.

Świetlica Foundation

Since 2010, Kancelaria Prawna Inkaso WEC S.A. has been providing material and in-kind support to Świetlica Foundation, whose aim is to provide care for children from the local community.

Foundation Happy Kids

The Foundation works for children whose parents have had their parental rights terminated or restricted. We do our bit by making donations or donating items that are essential in everyday life.

Youth in Łódź

Since 2012, we have been cooperating with the City of Łódź in several prestigious social programmes, including funding prizes and providing work placements for young, ambitious students in the “Youth in Łódź” programme.