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About Us

Kancelaria Prawna Inkaso WEC S.A. is the leading company in the WEC Group, established in 1995.

For over 10 years, we have been providing comprehensive services for B2B receivables as well as servicing and purchasing mass debt portfolios. All our services are provided on transparent terms and conditions that are flexible for the client. This means that our specialists strive to optimally select the right contract for the client’s profile, and to provide reliable information about the cooperation, its duration and the amount of remuneration.

We think globally, act locally

We cooperate with business partners from Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, UK. On-the-ground experience, cross-border comunication skills and knowing of bussiness law are our strenghts.

Who are we?

A public limited company with more than 10 years of experience

A company listed on NewConnect GPW Exchange

One of the largest debt collection businesses in Poland

What We do?

We carry out comprehensive debt collection

We service B2B/B2C debt portfolios

We purchase mass debt portfolios

For whom?

Entrepreneurs – sole proprietorships and partnerships

Corporations outsourcing debt servicing

Corporations including municipal and state-owned companies selling B2C portfolios

Certificates and awards